Editing Done Write, er, Right!

So what’s with all this editing stuff anyway? And why do we need so many types? Isn’t editing just, well, editing?

Well, yeah! Editing can be just editing. It can also be so much more which is why it can be broken out into copyedits, line edits, technical, developmental, etc. If you want a book to go through its final edit, you are likely looking for some overall spelling and grammar checks. If, instead, you want someone to check for flow and homophones, you need a line edit that goes sentence by sentence. Line edits are also great for websites. Technical edits check for form, copy, spacing, margins, etc, and they’re useful in just about every medium to make sure you don’t end up l o O k i n g Lik e this. (With today’s word processors, you would probably catch a lot of that. Sometimes you’re in a program that won’t, and that’s okay.)

Here at The Agile Assistant, we are proud to offer editing packages that allow you the freedom to create your content and peace of mind knowing we will take care of the editing process for you. Custom packages are always available, and it is truly our pleasure to assist you achieve your dreams.

Thankfully Blessed

Starting something new is always a little scary, isn’t it? And in a year like 2020, it’s even a lot to handle.

But when I look around and think of all the bad that’s happened this year and ask why not me? I also have to ask why not me? Why not start a business? Why not be fearfully made? Why not start a business? Why not be guided by faith?

You see, I can always live where the paid has been and trust the answer that it will be hard. But the truth is, the time will pass regardless and it will be hard no matter what.

So why not me? And why not you too?

Welcome to The Agile Assistant!

Hey y’all! Welcome to The Agile Assistant!

If you’ve found yourself here, you’re probably like me and have found yourself needing guidance in one way or another at some point recently. We all need help sometimes, right?

I am a firm believer in everyone having a trusted advisor in their life. And the best part? The advisors don’t necessarily need to know that you’re following them! You can pick up the book and start reading, you can call and ask for advice, or you can click follow on Facebook. The important thing is simply to start taking action.

So why here and why now? Well, I specialize in helping people out. I plan events, handle project management, have myriad tools and research techniques, and love all things editing. I’m also a whiz with a calendar.

Whether you need some MailChimp assistance, have some excel needs, are looking to build out a Kanban chart or need a Scrum master, I’m here for you. And, if you have something bigger like an Annual Meeting, virtual or in-person, want to discuss reconciling last year’s credit card statements in QuickBooks Online, or just want to offload some tasks so that you have more free time, let’s chat!

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all and would love to chat.


The Agile Assistant

Will We Ever Get to Have an Event Again??

Oh, gosh, that’s quite the question. And, really, it’s one for which I have no clear answer right now. I know some will say move on and have them now while others say wait it out. As an event planner, I can’t tell you what’s right.

I can tell you that I know plenty of creative tele-versions for events, and I’m happy to plan a virtual happy hour, scavenger hunt, sip and paint, or other type of event. We can do annual meetings and corporate ‘outings’, and I’m also able to find fun team building activities. The possibilities are truly endless.

For those that want to take it live, we do offer safe socially distanced events that have everything you can imagine. These events must meet local guidelines for size and safety, and we will always recommend following local mask protocols.

As with anything, we suggest being safe and ask if you see something, you say something. Our hope is to provide fun and enjoyable events, where everyone goes home safely. Ready to schedule something either way? Give us a call, and let’s get started!